Saturday, July 25, 2009

Welcome to Mellow Mix Volume 1

Welcome to Mellow Mix Vol 1 [Circa 2000-2001]
Inside this site [volume] is a collection of songs that I originally made into a CD at the turn of the millennium, hence why there is 140 songs which coincides how many mp3's could fit on a disc. This was before iPods even existed let alone an organised mp3 player for the computer like what we have now ... iTunes. Now the theory behind creating a Mellow Mix was to introduce me to new music at the time and to stop me just listening to Bowie, Zep, Neil and the Doors for the reat of my life and get into the "new age" rock, pop, hip hop, alt metal, alt rock etc etc. Did it work? Well find out and enter [click above or from the selection of images below] and don't forget to comment!
Here is a link for all 140 songs on page >click here<
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